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I am a Game Developer based in Amsterdam

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Chorís Ánchos

As soon as the students and teachers put on the VR headset, they find themselves immersed in a virtual space filled with different items. These items allow the players to explore different worlds that can help them relax and unwind.

This project was made in a team
Role: Coder - Designer - Gameplay Engineer
Engine used: Unity 3D + FMOD
Programs Used: Adobe Photoschop, Adobe Substance Painter, Blender, FMOD Studio
Made for: Meta Oculus Quest 2

The Light (At The End of The Tunnel)

This platformer takes place in a sewer. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and you have to replace the bulb. The game consist of 5 levels: Sinking Area, Flip Swap Level, Air Pipe Part, Rotating Puzzle and The Speedrun Rotation.

This project was made in a team
Role: Coder - Designer - Gameplay Engineer
Engine used: Unity 3D

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Cloud Workers

You are a ship that uses clouds as fuel to stay in the air. Enemy pirate ships try to take you down, shoot them to destroy these pirates. but watch out! shooting rockets uses your fuel. So balance collecting fuel and defending yourself to get the best score!

Solo made project

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Few things about me

  • Age:
  • Gender: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him

I am a 2nd year Game Development student at HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
My intressest are anything tech and science related. I am very eager to learn, I am curious and am constantly learning. Art and Design are also things I enjoy very much.
I have been coding games and other software since I was 10 years old.
For my school research project I made an robotarm that was able to be controlled using an app on your phone that connected to the robot using bluetooth. You can watch the (only available in dutch and in poor quality) video here


  • C#
  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Java
  • Figma
  • XR/VR/AR
  • Agile
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
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